The Idea

Milestone 1 – The Idea


Pick-a-Pet allows shelters or pet fosters to safely provide pet trials for potential owners in public spaces. It also allows users that are unable to own a pet a chance to play with one and help the animal by providing play and exercise.

This would be a web-based application that could be accessed from any device or location. The application would show users what pets are near them and would provide information about the pet that would be obtained from a smart collar, microchip, or manual inputs. Information provided could include: pet type, breed, name, energy levels, age, photos, adoption agency, and location. This information will help users determine which type of pet would be best fit for their home or play time desired.

The goal of this application is to help shelters and foster homes adopt pets and provide play and exercise to the animals.

The Users
There are three potential user groups for this application.

    1. Pet lovers unable to adopt

  • A system that provides pets to play or exercise with for a short period of time in a public space without committing to adoption
  • These users may anyone that enjoys playing or exercising with an animal, but is unable to adopt one
  • This is a fairly large group, participants could be found at local parks or events
    2. Pet lovers looking to adopt

  • A system that provides pet trials in public spaces to ensure compatibility with a potential owner
  • These users could be anyone that is willing and able to adopt a pet
  • This is a fairly large group, participants could be found at pet adoption events or public parks
    3. Shelters or Fosters

  • A system that provides a safe way for potential owners to try out a pet and provides play and exercise to the pets
  • These users may be seeking potential adopters or may need help playing and exercising with the animals

Why Pick-a-Pet
I own three cats and would love to have a dog to take to the park and go for a run or play with, but my cats don’t get along well with dogs and we have a pet limit at the home we are renting. The public parks here in Houston are filled with dog-walkers and families playing with their pets and I thought it would be a great place to host pet adoptions or play dates for those that can’t adopt.

I don’t work for a company that does work related to this, but I could see it being integrated with smart collar applications and I do not have a team to work with. I chose this idea because it would help shelters/fosters and could provide some kind of companionship and play time to those that are unable to adopt.